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Excellent children's Nurseries in Penrhyn Bay and Abergele

Trying to juggle your busy life whilst looking after a family can be tricky, particularly if you want to return to work; choosing the right nursery for your children is important, you need to know that they're being taken care of, learning new skills and growing up.

At Chwarae Teg Nursery we let your children come for a variety of sessions; if you're a full time parent, but need the odd morning or afternoon to catch up with friends or housework you can; alternatively you can leave your children with us all day from 8am until 6pm.

Our staff are here for you and your children; fully trained, enthusiastic and fun, they will guide your child every step of the way, from sensorial activities for your baby, to taking the big ones to the beach. Each staff member remains in the same area to promote consistency, making things easier for your child.

Children In Grass, nursery, daycare


For the older children we have:

Pre-school Foundation Phase
For those children approaching school age, the focus is on preparing them for the challenge of school, whilst also encouraging a playful environment. There are a wide variety of activities available based around the childrens interests; we also introduce basic reading and writing.

The children are more aware of choice, and are expected to be independent and begin tidying up after themselves. We often take the children out, sometimes to the shops to choose food, or to nature reserves and parks.

Meithrinfa Chwarae Teg Nursery Penrhyn Bay is registered with the CSSIW for a total of 61 children, where we can provide care for up to 12 babies, 9 toddlers,16 pre-school children and 24 members of our After School Club per day. Likewise, in Meithrinfa Chwarae Teg Nursery Abergele, we are also CSSIW registered for a maximum of 63 children, allowing 9 babies, 12 toddlers, 18 pre-school children and 24 members of After School Club per day.

Children In Grass, nursery, daycare

Children In Grass, nursery, daycare

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For more information, or to book a time to come and see us, call Meithrinfa Chwarae Teg Nursery today on 01492 543 123 or 01745 832 294