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Staff at Meithrinfa Chwarae Teg Nursey and After School Clubs

Here at Chwarae Teg we believe that continuity of care is paramount in a child’s time at Nursery. This is why we have the same staff working with the same age group, even our part time members of staff. By having the same staff that the children recognise, can assist in building bonds and attachments with their carers.

Each age group at Chwarae Teg has a Senior Member of staff working with them, and alongside the other staff in the room. The Senior Staff oversee all the planning, activities, developmental records and day to day running of the Nursery.

All our staff are qualified with qualifications ranging from Level 2 in Child Care Learning and Development to a BA (Hons) Degree in Childhood Studies. All our Senior Staff have a minimum of a Level 3 qualification and additional certifications in things such as First Aid, Food Hygiene, Child Protection and Promoting Positive Behaviour. We also have a small number of Nursery Assistants working with us, who have extensive experience in child care and are working towards their qualification.

Meet The Senior Staff at Penrhyn Bay:

Jennifer Hurst - Nursery Manager
Originally from Lancashire, Jennifer is a graduate of Bangor University with 1st class honours in Childhood Studies and Level 3 Childcare qualifications. After gaining experience in Nurseries in Lancashire, Jennifer is our Nursery Manager. Jennifer ensures the smooth day to day running of the nursery working in the office and supervising all the rooms in the Nursery. She also oversees all the activities planned and the development of staff. Jennifer is passionate about children learning through play and ensures the Nursery provides a wide variety of play activities. Jennifer is also the Child Protection Officer for the Nursery.

Catherine Joyce - Deputy Manager and Senior in Tumbles (Age 2-3)
Catherine has been with Chwarae Teg for over two years and in that time has worked her way up to Deputy Manager. Catherine has one daughter of her own, and runs our Tumbles room with the toddler age group. Catherine has Level 3 qualifications in Childcare and experience in all aspects of Nursery. Catherine is passionate about all children having equal opportunities and ensuring children enjoy their time at Nursery.

Amy Seed – Senior in Babies (Age 0-2)
Born and bred in North Wales, Amy has extensive experience working with children of all ages and currently runs our Baby Unit. Amy has multiple Level 3 qualifications in many areas of Childcare and has worked with Chwarae Teg for over four years. Amy is passionate about children learning through all their senses and ensures that our youngest children experience a wide variety of experiences from walks to the park, playing with sand, water, foam, gloop and all sorts of lovely messy activities.

Julie Lynch – Senior in After School Club (Age 4-11)
Originally from Newcastle, Julie has years of experience ranging from Childminding to Breakfast Clubs and runs our After School Club. Julie has level 3 qualifications in Childcare, and Playwork and is passionate about the children having an involvement in their Club. This involves the children deciding on their menu, deciding what goes on the walls and ultimately what the children do. Julie works alongside a multicultural calendar, which promotes different faiths and religions through arts, crafts and games.

Elen Giffiths – Senior in Pre-School (Age 3-5)
Elen has been a qualified Nursery Nurse for over 7 years and is also a qualified teacher. Elen currently runs our Pre-School where the children are having fun learning through the Foundation Phase. She ensures that the children gain independence and have the freedom to choice from a wide variety of activities. As a fluent Welsh speaker, Elen is passionate about children having the opportunity to be taught through the medium of Welsh and bringing out the creativity in all of the children in the Pre-School with lots of fun activities.

Nursery - Meithrinfa Chwarae Teg Nursery - Abergele - Play Room Interior

Nursery - Meithrinfa Chwarae Teg Nursery - Abergele - Play Room Interior

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